Therapy for People

I was referred to Dean by my massage therapist after she heard about my son’s lengthy and rough birthing and almost continuous crying, never sleeping more than a few hours a day in half-hour increments at most, for the first 2 months of his life. The doctors said that he was just colicky, but he was clearly suffering and not thriving. After receiving 1 treatment from Dean, he slept 12 consecutive hours which was the start of recovery and healing for him. With Dean’s help, he became a robust, happy, healthy baby. Our son is 11 years old now and continues to see Dean periodically.

When our daughter was born two years later, we already had plans to bring her to Dean as soon as she was delivered. We didn’t realize at the time that she truly would need his help! She was born with severe neonatal jaundice or hyperbilirubinemia. She was immediately admitted into the neonatal ICU. The medical treatment was to put her continuously under blue colored light with her eyes taped shut. If her bilirubin count did not drop to a normal level in 3-4 days, then a blood transfusion may be required. Dean came to the hospital the afternoon of her birth and treated her in the neonatal ICU. My daughter was released the next day and we took her home. The doctors were amazed that her count had reduced so quickly.

Our entire family has been seeing Dean for almost 12 years.

Melissa E. and Dr. Michael E., M.D.

I was first referred to Dean Chang about 3 years ago when I was nearly incapacitated from the effects of Lymphedema, a complication from a mastectomy due to breast cancer.  I had internal scar tissue, swelling, pain, and no energy.

Correct medical information about Lymphedema is hard to find, as it is one of the most under diagnosed health issues today, and it's very challenging to find a therapist who knows how to treat it correctly.  I am a firm believer in Dean’s practice of combining the medical Lymph Drainage Therapy developed by Dr. Bruno Chikly with a very holistic multidisciplinary approach.

Dean also taught me to manage my health with advice on lymphatic self drainage, diet, and skin care. In this time frame, I have had additional surgeries and radiation treatment.  I think a true testament to Dean's therapeutic treatments comes from my Radiation Oncologist at a recent appointment. The doctor was amazed to see that my skin was very healthy, that I am healthy, and how well I had recovered from all the issues of cancer that I faced.

I hope that you are successful on your journey also.

Brenda N., Business owner

I first witnessed Dean’s amazing talent when he was giving treatments to my teenage son.  He has always had stiffness and mobility issues caused by scars from surgeries he had as an infant.  Since Dean’s treatments, my son has been much more flexible and comfortable.  Thanks to these improvements, for the first time in his life, my son has taken an interest in physical activities like bike riding and a Martial Arts class.

Seeing my son’s improvement convinced me to get treatment for my own chronic neck pain.  Dean’s treatments were helpful but he told me there seemed to be a structural issue beyond his abilities.  He advised me to get an x-ray.  I took his advice and the doctor discovered that I had a severe instability between the top two vertebras in my neck that required spinal fusion surgery.  The surgeon told me that the problem was so severe that I had been at risk of paralysis or death from even a minor neck trauma.  Dean’s advice may well have saved my life!  Dean’s treatments after the surgery also reduced the recovery time and brought me quickly back to pain-free mobility.

Thanks again Dean for all you’ve done for us!

Jeff FP., Program Manager

Dean has treated every member of our family with outstanding results.  We are very grateful.

Our son:   Our son has severe autism with a neurological age of four years and a few months.

I received a call from his school to tell me, "Come and pick your son up. We can't do anything for him.  All he does is sit holding his head and cries".  Main stream medicine could not resolve this problem . CranioSacral Therapy (CST) resolved the pain and related symptoms. Our son has seen (7) CST therapists, and both my husband and I have taken the CST classes.  We know that Dean does much more and gets better results

His school knows when our son misses his CST appts with Dean.  I was asked if/when my son would be going to his CST appt.  I was surprised, I asked, "You notice?"  His teacher stated, "Oh yes we notice".

My son also knows he gets relief from his appts with Dean because he has run out of the car into Dean’s office before I completely parked; that's a statement. If we miss an appt he will take my hand and place it on his head.  Our son is nonverbal. Because of his neurological state, you can't manipulate his response.

Our daughter: Our daughter was in the ICU from complications with her cancer treatment. Her Oncologist told me he would have a better idea of her prognosis in one hour. The Attending Physician asked me if Dean was coming to see my daughter soon (Dean would see my daughter frequently when she was in the hospital).  I asked if he wanted me to call Dean.  His response was, "We need all the help we can get".  Dean did come in and her prognosis improved overnight.  With the medical team and Dean she did survive.

Myself:  I had an intestinal rupture requiring many procedures and surgeries.  I fell often as the result of this.  I had physical therapy in and out of water, and had CST with five other CST therapists.  The falling did not stop until I was treated by Dean.  When my daughter was very ill, I did not have the time to see Dean.  Plus, I thought the falling was over.  Several months passed and the loss of balance began, then I fell.  Since returning to my monthly appts with Dean, there have been no other falls.

Another daughter: The doctors said that she needed hand surgery.After a few appts with Dean, she no longer needed the hand surgery.

Dr. Mark A., M.D. and Priscilla A., R.N.

Our family first found Dean in early 2000 when our son who was 14 at the time was having major issues with his legs and hips from an unknown source.  We had taken him to all kinds of traditional doctors and they were no help and only increased our frustration.  After one visit with Dean he was on his way to a full recovery and our family has been seeing him regularly ever since.  Over the years I have referred numerous friends and family members to Dean and he has always been able to help where traditional medicine has failed.  I can't recommend him highly enough, if you have a new or chronic health problem and are lucky enough to get in with Dean, you will be forever grateful!  I should note that Dean isn't just for weird or chronic problems, I see him regularly and he just keeps me feeling good despite my demanding job and active lifestyle.

Stann R., Business owner

Therapy for Pets

I would highly recommend anyone who has a pet in need to see Dean Chang.  Dean helped my kitty after she was diagnosed with renal failure. He detected a kink in the artery going into the kidney and “straightened” the kink. After she saw him she started eating regularly again and her over all appearance became better. She played like her usual self too. I had her kidney value blood tests before Dean had seen her a couple of times and I had tests done after. Her kidney values dropped back to normal levels and stayed that way for a long period of time. She had a way of “demanding” to see him when she knew she needed a treatment because she knew he made her feel much better. I know I had 3+ additional years with her being healthy because of Dean. She was almost 20 years old and I credit Dean for giving her such a healthy body in her golden years. I don't hesitate to send any of my clients to see him for both themselves and their animals. He has been able to help animals some vets said couldn't be helped. He truly can work miracles on people and animals and I am very honored to know him.

Mary Argo., PhD, Animal Communicator

I took my dog Callie to the Canine Rehab Center in Walnut Creek, CA after she seemed to be favoring her right rear paw after vigorous play.  I was told that she had pulled her Iliopsoas muscle and that she needed rehab techniques like cold laser and chiropractic.  I took her for these treatments but she was not better.  A friend of mine suggested that I take Callie to see Dean.  Not knowing anything about CranioSacral Therapy or the other modalities in which Dean specializes, I took Callie to see Dean based on my friend's judgment and intuition.  I was not disappointed.  Callie immediately jumped into the back of an SUV two days after the first session with Dean.  An interesting note is Dean said the problem was not where everyone else diagnosed and was treating.  We make the trip up from Marin County periodically because he is very good in his craft.  I highly recommend him!

Ashok R., Mill Valley, CA